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USCCL was established under the cooperative Act 2048 by the authority of Nepal Government. It's head office is at New-Baneshwor at the heart of capital city. USCCL has been enhanced by British Gorkha Group. Very reputed and well experienced people are operating this company.
Finance plays a vital role in the economic development of the country.
It is the backbone of economic development of every country.
In tody's competitive world USCCL is quite aware of this fact so the main mission of USCCL is to collect the
money in attractive interest rate and to utilize it to the public who are keen
interested to raise their life style with their creativity, to the industrialist who are not able to extend their business... >>MORE

  Saving Schemes

Share Capital
Upakar Pension Saving Schemes Upakar Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd. (USCCL) has Rs. 30,00,00,000.00 (Rs. Thirty Million Only) share capital.
Under the program "Dashak Sahayog Tatha Share Sankalan", USCCL has aimed to transfer the share>>MORE
Child-Edu. Saving Schemes
Nari Utthan Bachat
Jestha Nagarik Welfare
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